United 1 Front

United1Front consists of everyday people who have a passion to change the world of trauma informed care. We believe that in order for change to occur, individuals must be thoroughly trained with a holistic approach in effective aftercare methods. Read More


To become the leading resource in holistic training for safe houses, organizations  (both for profit and nonprofit), families, and individuals both domestically and internationally.

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To equip, empower, and develop members of society in all matters of holistic training for the purpose of fully restoring those who have experienced trauma. Our in depth, evidence based curriculum and experience, combined with a spiritual emphasis, creates a truly unique, holistic, restorative program.

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Our Training

Many people have asked what our training looks like. We at United1Front have discovered that every organization is unique in their needs. This drives us to find ways in which to tailor every learning experience.

Whatever the need may be, United1Front strives to address your concerns and questions regarding trauma and resiliency. We are able to come to your facility, meet online or somewhere in between!

It doesn’t end there! We know your needs are always evolving, that’s why we provide continuing support for all who attend our training.

Check out our options below for some of our areas of focus.

Safe Houses

Training will cover such topics as healthy working environment, staff cohesiveness, trauma and neurological deficits, impacting victims for life change.

Adoptive Parents

Training will include integrating a child into your home while addressing the effects of trauma and neglect. How to be proactive in child behavior instruction. Self care and holistic health.

Educators and Social Workers

Training will include learning deficits and classroom dynamics. Innovative approaches to discipline and learning techniques. Building trust and respect. How family dynamics affects your students. CEU available.


Training will include awareness regarding trauma and secondary trauma and how it impacts one another.We are all impacted by trauma, and as a church the desire is to give hope. United1front will give you the understanding and tools to take the first step in ministering to the broken, hurting, and neglected.


The training for us was a beautiful gift. Not only our team was able to understand more about the behavior of all the victims we come along, but also, how we can be more effective on our work here. Before United1Front came we had one vision for our outreaches, but now we go knowing what to expect and how to show our respect and be able to slowly build the bridge to the change. Also, we were able to connect their workshop to one of our partners, that were incredibly thankful to have learned about the reason of many challenges they had in the past and how to get prepared for their future projects.” — Taty, Executive Director of 27 Million Brazil


There are many ways you can get involved with United1Front! Our training to all safehomes are done through generous donations which have been raised. If you are interested in funding a training please click here.


If you are passionate about bringing holistic care, healing and freedom to those who have come from abuse or trauma, there are a number of ways you can get involved! Please fill out the contact us form to receive more information as to what our volunteer needs are.


We believe that in partnering with other like minded organizations, we can create a network for sharing resources, creative ideas, and encouragement to one another. If you would like join hearts and hands with U1F Click here to learn more about becoming a partner with United1Front or learn more about our current partners.

Receive a TrainingRECEIVE A TRAINING

As stated in our “Who Can Benefit” section above, our training is developed for individuals and organizations of all levels and needs. We are excited to offer a flexible, meaningful experience throughout our training process. Please click here to contact us regarding our pricing and packaging options.


We offer training both locally, nationally and internationally. As you know transportation can be quite expensive. A great way to partner with us would be in donating frequent flyer miles. Click here to contact us for more information.

Of course we would not be able to survive without monetary donations. If you want to join in bringing hope click here to learn more!


Rebekah Meyers

Rebekah is the Co founder of United1Front. Passion and experience drives Rebekah towards empowering people to make a difference. Read More

Trina Deiss

Trina is also a co founder of United1Front and brings her experience as a coach, k-12 teacher and mother of four. Read More

Beth Deiss

Beth is our educational specialist who has her degree in Elementary education, and also has her Master’s degree in Arts and Education. Read More

Levi Deiss

Levi is our Marketing and Strategy enthusiast. Understanding personally the impact of trauma, this fuels his desire to create a product, service, and experience that is both meaningful and relevant. Read More

Joshua Deiss

Joshua serves as our Board Director. He brings leadership experience from both his military and corporate careers. He currently serves as a board member for the YMCA as well. Read More